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Mental Health Awareness Week: Promoting Well-Being In The Workplace

Did you know?

Women in full-time employment are twice as likely to experience mental health problems, as compared to Men. Furthermore, research indicates that 12.7% of sickness absence days can be attributed to mental health conditions.

At Xcel Bespoke we prioritize the mental well-being of our employees by investing in their personal and professional growth. This Mental Health Awareness Week, we aimed to reaffirm our unwavering dedication to promoting mental wellbeing and prioritizing the overall wellbeing of our valued employees!

We Attended A Course!

The "Building Resilience and Wellbeing - Digital Course" offered by the Samaritan Training and Engagement Programme (STEP) led by experienced Samaritan Trainers, focused on strengthening personal resilience, enhancing wellbeing, and promoting self-care.

We actively participated in various individual and team activities, gaining practical strategies to build resilience and explore methods to enhance wellbeing. The invaluable tools and knowledge acquired from the course include:

✔ Strategies to strengthen personal resilience

✔ Understanding the connection between emotional health & resilience

✔ Recognizing the impact of stress on wellbeing &identifying warning signs

✔ Identifying emotional responses & thinking habits

✔ Exploring methods to build resilience, enhance wellbeing & prioritize self-care

✔ Establishing opportunities for developing a support network

Employee Mental Health & Well-Being Survey

Xcel conducted an Employee Mental Health & Well-Being Survey to gain insights into our employees' mental health needs. This survey, backed by the knowledge gained from the STEP course, gathered honest and confidential feedback regarding employee mental health and wellbeing.

The survey findings have been instrumental in shaping our approach to creating a positive work environment that prioritizes mental health. Here are the key findings:

  • 66% of employees reported coping well with their mental health

  • 50% reported coping with workload and job demands

  • 50% rated the mental health and wellbeing of their team or department is good

  • While stress symptoms were prevalent among respondents, only 11% considered them work-related

  • 51% of respondents felt most comfortable discussing mental health with their manager/supervisor

Respondents were also provided with the option to provide their names and indicate willingness to discuss survey-related topics.

Promoting Well-Being In The Workplace

At Xcel Bespoke, employees are encouraged to discuss mental health concerns with managers and supervisors, to foster a supportive environment that values helping them seek assistance where needed! Based on the valuable insights gathered from our recent Employee Mental Health & Well-Being Survey, we have identified some key areas for improvement.

The few suggestions from employees included creating dedicated spaces for open discussions, accessible mental health information resources, and providing help with counselling services. Additionally, our employees have emphasized the importance of promoting social interaction and implementing wellness initiatives to better support their mental health.

Drawing from these insights, we are committed to taking the necessary initiatives to enhance the overall mental health and wellbeing of our employees. By investing in their mental wellbeing and fostering a culture that values open conversations, we aim to promote their personal and professional growth, boost productivity, and ensure their overall satisfaction.

By equipping our employees with tools and strategies to enhance resilience and wellbeing, and by providing a safe and inclusive space for addressing mental health challenges, we demonstrate our steadfast commitment to understanding and meeting their needs!

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