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We have the capability to offer a wide range of services to our clients. One of which is an online briefing and ordering portal.

This method facilitates easy online ordering, as well as providing a platform for bulk procurement. This allows smaller markets to benefit from the larger economies of scale.

We believe our clients could benefit from a tailor-made portal similar to this, for easy briefing, ordering, tracking and general order management.

Our online ordering platform provides a full-reporting system including:
1.   Detailed critical paths
2.    Weekly production status updates
3.    In-depth reporting system
4.    Approved process
5.    Full tracking of consignments once dispatched
6.    Sailing schedules
7.    Delivery dates
8.    Capturing all information in one place

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For the last 10 years, we have partnered with, we believe the best logistics and warehouse specialists in the industry. Their advanced warehousing and storage capabilities at strategic sites with in the UK and abroad makes their operations run smoothly and efficiently. 

All of your global fulfilment and packing services can be undertaken, quickly and efficiently. Below is a snapshot of their capabilities:

  • 40,000 pallet locations (across multiple sites – UK & overseas)

  • 10,000 sq/ft available for e-commerce and multi-channel fulfilment projects

  • Ability to park and load 25 plus artic lorries in one day (across multiple sites –  UK & Overseas)

  • 365 security environment with CCTV and manned security personal

  • Global strategic sites

  • HM Revenue & Customs bonded facilities enable VAT and duty deferment, where required

  • Regular online reporting systems with full barcodes, (lpn), as soon as stock arrives at the warehouse location

  • 24/7 operational service available when needed 



Xcel Bespoke is able to to offer its client a truly global pick, pack and distribution service from our hubs, in the UK, China, BD and Australasia.

We have proved time and time again vast savings can be made for our clients by kitting and manipulating their orders at our UK and overseas distribution hubs for final onward delivery to their sites. With fast and reliable live management systems we make your pick and pack process run as smoothly as possible which improves customer service.

  • 3 million pcs picked in 2019 

  • Picked 5,000 units in 2 days and delivered to over 1000 sites within Europe 

  • Same day pick and pack delivery service 

  • Work with all major global carrier solutions

  • Secure trace and track system via online portals let you track each and every pcs of your order




Optimum flexibility; with full loads, part loads for all means of transportation.

Expert documentation; goods receipt, receipt of containers, pallets, parcels and loose loaded cartons, sea, air and road freight.


Managed in compliance with all global customs laws making sure no mistakes are made which could otherwise cause delays and even expense.