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We work and grow our business together with our clients to ensure we meet all their requirements in an ever-changing world, catching their global presence, with shared and innovative technology solutions that build strong working relationships and inspire moments worth sharing.

Case Studies

With so much online shopping happening and much more competitiveness in the high street to contend with, more and more emphasis is been spent on the consumer experience. Whether its down to the staff in their uniforms or the type of creative packaging needed to stand out from the crowd, we understand these important factors.

Giving your staff great uniforms to work in not only creates a great look but, in turn, boost self-esteem and improve productivity all around.

Poundland Uniform by Xcel Bespoke Global Marketing

We love the Food & Beverage sector and the challenges presented by the sheer range of items we’re asked to develop, from textiles to consumer giveaway items; to eye-catching visibility items, POS Displays & Signage; to attention-grabbing Barware ranges, Toys and Food Contact items with strict guidelines and high value to protect your brand.


A great sector to work in!!  We have covered restaurants, leisure operators, sports and travel to fulfilling and continuing to refurbish major hotel brands with all of their uniforms each and every year.


We understand the dynamics of each sub-sector within this industry.

Hotel & Leisure Uniforms by Xcel Bespoke Global Marketing

The sector is dependent on consumer confidence, views and business sentiment which is forever facing increasing pressure to deliver innovation, quality and value. Consumers are increasingly engaging and expect to be able to interact with brands in a personalized way, this in turn provides the customers with a unique and memorable experience and this starts with how the staff are looked at and perceived.

Food & Beverage
Health & Beauty

The health-beauty sector is one of the largest and most complex in the world with many global brands competing in the same space. Many products and services relate to this sector and we are proud to be working with Major house hold names whether this be in Clothing Apparel, FMCG or Packaging. 

Pamper Party.png
Hotel & Leisure

A gift with purchase, (GWP), is a great way of expanding your business.


Our team works with brands around the world to design and manufacture unique gifts with purchases to entice new and old customers to buy more of your product.

bumble and bumble.jpg

Xcel Bespoke has been delivering on global advertising campaigns with their clients successfully for many years. Each brand is very different in its own respect that needs special attention to their unique selling sector.

Each campaign requires a real focus on ideas, creative design, logistics, procurement, and sourcing. Some gifts can be very demanding products that are not the everyday kind of item. Diligence is a major factor and working closely with our legal partners to cover copyright etc... as well as strict safety concerns we make the whole process cover every single point. Time-sensitive deliveries and global logistics all go hand in hand with Xcel Bespoke's internal systems, we continue to deliver these eye-catching products year after year.

Retail Industry
Global POS Campaigns

The global gift market is huge especially around the different seasons within retail, whether working for a summer launch in the UK or when it is the winter launch in Australia. In this market Xcel Bespoke has worked with Gift Boxes, Paper and Paper Boards, Ribbons and Bows, Plastics and Wrapping Paper. The list is endless.

Attention to detail is paramount working with world renowned brands and our creative teams specification sheets help keep every part of the process up to date and checked.

Pictures for Olay red box 1.png

There is an abundance of different materials used within this sector and by utilizing our offices aboard can make a big difference to the speed of sourcing all the different supplier boards to meet the demands of our clients with not forgetting an ever increasing push towards natural and echo friendly materials.

Packaging & Gifts
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